The Blue Piano

Restaurant & Bar

24-26 Harborne Rd,

B15 3AA

Wednesday 29th January 2020 7.30pm -10.00pm

To participate please register your interest  by sending me an e-mail with the following information where possible:name - instrument - playing position - expertise and  your mobile telephone details  now and also check-in with me on the night on arrival. I will try and set up a roster in advance and call you up on stage during the evening to “do your thing”  We might have some short breaks to allow people to get to the bar and back!(first come first served with some poetic license) All musical tastes welcome but particularly folk, acoustic-”rock” and the blues………….


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  Performers included:
Nizar (Host) & Simon Colbourne followed by.....

.....Karen Swan & Daniel, Pete Bodis, Michaela Hinton &John Barber,

Tom Patterson, Andy Wrobel, Fragile Hearts (Steve Nesbit and Helena), Andy Jenkins, Lee & Vince,Danny Leventhal (Big Dan Band) & Patricia, Ma Sistas (Mrs. T, Pat, Janice, Cheryl and Carley)

Thank You!


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