The Bell Inn   
11 Old Church Road, Harborne, BIRMINGHAM, B17 0BB

Wed 26th October 2011

8.00pm to 11.00pm

To participate please register your interest  by sending me an e-mail including your mobile telephone details  now  (or behind the Bar) and also between 6.00 & 8.00pm with me on the day, and I will try and call you up on stage during the evening to “do your thing” if there is a slot

(first come first served with some poetic license).
All musical tastes welcome but particularly folk, folk-rock and the blues………….


Acoustic Café 3

Performers Roster  at Acoustic Cafe 3                           ( with thanks for the great sound to Sam Bispham )

Nizar Hirji

Nick Evans

Claudia and Vince O'Grady

George Dovey

Jim Holden

Tommy Ellis

Anne Adams

Tommy Dempsey

Diane Kemp

Georgia McAllister

Steve Bowen

Ray Chim, Jon & Steve

David Phelan

Maynard Tweed

Brian Hands

Pete Bispham, Rod, Clive,Tony

Sarah Powell